Who is Liberty National?

One-on-one service

Have you ever been on hold for an eternity, only to get a recording? Then, when you finally got a live person, you were transferred from department to department? At Liberty National, we have real, live local Agents who will answer questions about your policy, help you file a claim, and even come to your home where and when it is most convenient for you.

When you're considering an insurance company to provide coverage for your family in case something tragic would happen, what's most important to you? Besides the insurer's ability to pay claims, having a real, live person to help you.

Liberty National Operating Principles:

  • Our Company believes in personal, one-on-one service for insurance needs.
  • Service is often the distinction between a good and a great company. A great company goes the extra mile not just to sell a product, but to establish a relationship with the customer. We don't just preach service - we practice it.
  • Liberty National is the company that does what it says it will do. Customers want a company they can depend upon to pay claims. Clients buy an insurance policy and expect that policy to perform when needed.


Since 1900, the guiding principle of Liberty National Life Insurance Company has been to achieve success by deserving it; to protect its policyholders and their beneficiaries with a fair, unselfish contract; and to serve them faithfully, adequately, honestly, and economically.


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